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Björn Roland

Björn Roland Photo

Björn Roland
-September 2004 finish of the „Meisterprüfung“ Master Exam in Frankfurt
-Since November 2004 Master Dental Technican at „Dental Design Klaus Schnellbächer“
in Klein Winternheim with special subject Implant Prosthetics, Ceramic and Cad-Cam Systems
-January to March 2005 visit of the Osaka Ceramic Training Center (OCTC) in Osaka/Japan
-Also since 2005 international lectures and courses about Implantologie ,CAD-CAM and Ceramics in
several countries (Germany, Japan, Israel,VAE, Russia, Baltics, Poland, United Kingdom etc..)
-Since beginning 2006 Director of „Virtual Implant Planing Gbr“ (a company for Interactive 3D
Implant Planing and Drilling Guides)
-Since 2009 CEO of the Lab. „Dental Design Schnellbächer & Roland“
-Autor of several National and International Publications with the topic Implant Prosthetic and
-Member of the Dental Exellence Group, ITI, DGÄZ, DGOI, FDZt
-President of the FDZt and Vice President of the FZT