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Amandine Para

Private practice in implantology, periodontology and prosthodontics, PARIS

Assistant Professor 2011-2014 (Prosthodontic Department, Paris 7)

Teacher at DU Implantologie d’Evry

Teacher at Ecole Supérieure d’orthodontie de Paris (programme of periodontology)

Teacher at l’Attestation Universitaire de Techniques Laser (Montpellier)


“I am a young woman from the Caribbean fascinated by dentistry.

I don’t treat teeth but a whole human being. Teeth are a way to see their mind.

Science and Art are combined in dentistry and I believe in the power of new technologies (like lasers, optical prints, 3D printing…) to help us place our patient in the center of the relationship, instead of focusing on technical aspects. New Age Dentistry is my passion and delivering my best every day to save teeth, to replace them or to enhance their functional or aesthetical aspect make my patients feel better each time.”